What's Inspected For Homes in St George, Washington, Hurricane, and all of Washington County

New Home Buyers, as a Home inspector I would like to invite you to the inspection so you can ask any questions you might have.
Since you may have never purchased a home inspection before let me explain how the A-Z Quality Home inspection process works.  I expect to spend between 4-5 hours inspecting all the Exterior, Structural, and Interior components.  This includes Foundations, Grading and Drainage, House and Wall finish, Concrete sidewalks and Driveway, Doors and Windows, Roofing, Heating and Air conditioning, and Electrical.  Interior inspection will include: Plumbing, Basement, Garage, all Living areas, Hallways, Stairs, and Laundry Room.  I expect to spend 2-3 hours researching and putting the report together.  The computerized report will include digital Photographs, a summary report which includes all repairs and important issues listed for easy viewing followed by a detailed analysis.  It is posted on the internet with password protection, but is viewable by anyone you choose to give it to.  So you can review it with your real estate agent here in St.George, Washington, Hurricane or even on vacation and the seller in California or anywhere else at the same time.  Also with the inspection you will receive a second inspection to review any repairs or corrections that the seller made before closing.

Serving St George, Washington, Hurricane, and all of Southern Utah