About A-Z Quality Home Inspections, Thomas Tadd Home Inspector

A-Z Quality Home Inspection was started in October of 2006.  I started School for home inspections at Allied Home Inspection School in sunny California.  Previous to that I worked in maintenance as a Head Custodian at the WashingtonCountySchool District in St George Utah.  I worked at several schools, including Panorama Elementary where I am currently employed.  Before becoming a Home Inspector I also worked in construction.  Becoming a Home Inspector has been a most rewarding and fulfilling challenge.  I get to meet lots of new people and find satisfaction in showing a variety of clients just what they are purchasing.  Doing a Home Inspection is pretty technical. It takes a lot of extra education when you consider that in about 4-5 hours I evaluate a home that a team of contractors took 3-12 months to build!


Here are the classes I have taken:

Dixie College:

  • Concrete management 3 credits
  • Cabinetry 3 credits
  • Beginning welding 3 credits

Dixie Applied Technologies:

  • Hvac- Beginning and understanding basic Heating and Air Conditioning 30 hours
  • Hvac- Understanding Problems with Hvac and solutions 30 hours

Allied College for Home Inspectors:

  • Home Inspection Course 100 hours

Larry Revis Continued Education Course for Home Inspectors:

  • I am currently enrolled in this course. 150 hour

Personal information

I have been married to the same exceptionally patient and beautiful woman, Kristine since October 12, 1985.  We both come from large families; she has 5 siblings and has a twin sister.  Unfortunately both of her parents are deceased, her father died of bone cancer when she was ten and her mother died of a heart attack when she was 17.  for more information you can go to our family blog.   I have a large Family too.  My father was married 3 times and I have 15 siblings.

Kristy and I have 4 Children who are the light of our life.  Bryce , the oldest who is currently serving as a missionary in Carlsbad California Spanish speaking.  He is 20 years old and will be home in November 2009.  Malorie is living here in St George and going to give us our first grandchild in June.  We are excited to see her become a mother!

Aaron is enrolled in middle school and enjoys sports especially soccer and wrestling.

Marissa is our youngest and is in 6th grade she enjoys getting good grades and playing piano.

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